About Me

I am a housewife to an amazing husband who is really much more creative than I am. I'm completely in awe of his gifts and talents.

When we were dating it became pretty clear early on that we had one major thing in common ... we loved being creative!

We both made several items for our wedding and even gave our handmade Thank you gifts whenever we could. When we saw how much our friends and family loved our creative gifts we figured we might be on to something. That's when the ideas started.

We are certainly the types of people who believed you did your "real job" first then your hobbies in whatever spare time you have left. Secretly though, we both dreamed that our hobbies could be our "real" jobs. And for a while we had this nagging feeling in the back of our heads that we should at least try.

Engaged in September of 2011 and married in October of 2012 the next step was to take a deep breath and leap of faith and make our creativity public for all to see. That’s when we launched our Etsy Shop!  So scary and so rewarding all at the same time!

Thankfully God is faithful and He is leading us every step of the way!

Our hope is that this blog will encourage you, entertain you, and inform you!

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