Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Here We Go ...

Since, blogging became popular I had always seen myself writing one but really didn't feel like I had anything to say.  However, in less that a year, I have gotten married and started a new business with my hubby.  I'd say those two things alone would give me at least a few blogs of things I could talk about.

So ... here we go ...

First of all, a little about me and my partner in crime.  Like so many people these days my husband and I met online.  I can't say it was love at first sight for me but I certainly liked him.  He became my best friend first, and the romantic attraction came soon after.  We didn't date long though and we were engaged six months after we first met and we were married a little over a year after that.

For various reasons our wedding was small.  Just under 40 of our closest friends and family joined us at a nearby Mansion that has been converted into a hotel.  For us, it was the perfect day!  We often mention we wish we could do it again.  Without all of the planning ahead of time though! ;)

Secondly, our business:  Sweet Spectrum.  Sweet is a family name and Spectrum felt appropriate because we had such a wide variety of creative items to offer.  We actually create everything from handmade gift items to fine art photography.  Of course there's a few eco-friendly home goods in the mix too.

Why Etsy?  I became very familiar with Etsy while planning our wedding and a number of items and ideas came specifically from several of my favourite Etsy shops.  I loved the idea of supporting people who loved being creative.  And I love that Etsy is an online marketplace specifically designed for that.  It only seemed natural for us to start there.

So, Sweet Spectrum took up residence on Etsy.  Soon after came Facebook, Pinterest and now Blogger!  Luckily these kinds of thing are fun for us! :)

In a nutshell, that's our life together so far!  As you come along for the ride, we hope you are encouraged, entertained and informed!

Welcome to our new adventure!  We hope you enjoy journeying with us!

- - - - - 

We'd love to hear from you ...

What do you think?  What are your favourite items in our shop?


  1. Brea - you have really touched my heart. I will pray for your healing.

    I am very interested in the dryer balls.


  2. Good for you making the commitment to kick chemicals! I have some dryer balls I bought (my chance at making them was a BIG fail) and love them. I'll never go back to dryer sheets! Can't wait to check out your shop. :)
    Hope you learn a lot of good info to help you combat the disease. Will pray for you!